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Hi. At first I was just using this as a better place to put my characters and what-not, but not so much anymore haha. I'll still use it for that, but... yeah.
I don't really do art for other people unless I know you, but I do enjoy art trades so feel free to ask ^^ (oh and I like all sorts of art, I guess I'm a collector, so don't be shy!)
I also like discussion, and if you find any of my characters and want to ask about them I'd love to tell you whatever you'd like to know. ...I'd someday like to start a Q&A section for my Gods, but I don't think anybody would be interested in that as of now ^^"


He Have Hip
Idk this is weird
I wanted to fuse Ivory and Stella, so I did.
And there's also a much neater colored version that's all nice and lined and whatever.
But there's SOMETHING about this one that I just like.

Anyways, only really interesting thing to note is their eye? It's only partially manifested so it's kinda... goopy. Mostly functional though.
Technically they don't have a gender, but I'm going with they would identify as male because Ivory's spirit is stronger (haha if you know about my oc's that's a funny joke).
Also they still have 4 arms, but only two of them obey; the other two just float around and are confused and probably try to kill them or split Stella away from Ivory. The other two are normal, they LOOK like Ivory's arms until you realize that all the black is a long, fingerless glove, and underneath is lilac skin (all of their skin is a super light purple btw)

Side note: I really like this kinda pose, idk why. Particularly the way the feet sit.

EDIT: usually I don't bother with watermark but I forgot to sign this so HERE WE GO
This is an older character of mine, her name is Eilianna and she was a Legend of Zelda OC.

She was a Sheikah seer who told many prophecies/etc, and was on her way to another village when her carriage was attacked by moblins... and she was subsequently killed. Her body was dismembered, parts of it were devoured, and notably one of her eyes was removed and taken away 'for it's powers' or something like that... but in all honesty there's not much information past that. Not even Eilianna herself knows. She's come back as a Poe, and the only reason she can think of is that she needs to find her missing eye.
(This is getting a little ahead of myself bUT) When she finds her eye, she is reminded that there is one more prophecy that she needs to tell... but what is it?

Interesting note about her eye: it's completely intact, despite being at LEAST 50 years without a body. It's actually fully sentient on its own, and does its own searching for Eili, but I mean it's an eye. Not a whole lot it can do.

She's pretty fun to draw, and the stream I drew her on liked her a bunch, so figured I'd share her here :3
Only really 'weird' thing about her design is the shoes... her feet aren't really meant to be seen? She walks around with weird smoke surrounding her, and tends to get more transparent as her body goes down, so her feet are RARELY visible. She doesn't really wear shoes, but she's wearing... strap-on wedges here? Idk don't pay much attention to it haha maybe its velcro.
Ivory Youngish
Hey look I'm not dead

So here's Ivory. Different right? I recently did a little progression pic of him over the year, because I like doin' those, and this was one of the more interesting ones.
He's in his teenage years here, probably not that much before the 'current' era (in terms of 'not that long' for a demon lol) and still works/studies under his father's watchful eye. Hence why he's so prim and proper here.
He's a little restricted in his hobbies during this time period, hence why once he gets OUT of his kind of environment he just has a huge explosion of creativity and things. He claims it contributed to his success, but most people would question Ivory's logic.

Wow look at that straight cut, yup Ivory's hair is the most interesting thing about him that's changed. When he was a baby/little kid, it was actually white and he looked even MORE like Ossein. As he grew it got darker. It's actually more grey here than it is in the current era but it's not TOO noticeable.
Oh and he also only has two arms here, but I was too lazy to draw them lol.
Drawing character stuff, things for friends, and potentially some fanart.


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Aoi-Kawasuo Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
People got 3 arms infact.
Thanks for the watch lol
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O shit I didn't know people actually read those lmao
No prob man! Your art is bomb, I especially like the Haise pic :3
Aoi-Kawasuo Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much. Next week when ill be home ill upload a manga ive made.
I hope youll enjoy it.
Tho its the first time im making panels lol
ParanormalTeddy Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
.o. that sounds cool!
Awe I'm sure it's great, I'll definitely check it out!
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Thank you for the watch-back haha.
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